Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peace Camp On-Going @ NTS, April 7th-11th, 2012

Greetings, welcome to the latest RUMOR mill about the 2012 NTS Peace Camp Reunion

Johnnie Bob, Member of Western Shoshone National Member will be at Peace Camp to welcome walkers, from Sacred Peace Walk,2012. Las Vegas to Creech AFB, Home of the Drones and then on to NTS (NNSSS) Peace Camp. Where we want have NTS Peace Camp Reunion, 25th Anniversary . See for more real information on t
his actual walk

The dates we want April 7-11th, 2012. This is message that I sent last time we communicated. I asked NDE to contact Western Shoshone Council about extending Lent Program to accompany 4 day Peace Camp Reunion.

Jim Habber of NDE, though that it could happen, it looks like a NDE sponsored(?/or not) Peace Camp Reunion in 2012 is going to be possible. By piggyback on the Massive April 12th celebration, we would be able to let the world know of your plans, that to make possible in 2012.

Good News, what are your thoughts? I believe that we want the dates of April 7th- 11th. Is that still possible or have you already talked to Western Shoshone Council. Sorry for re-asking. Rich Sickler is doing this on his own & I am trying to help ,get as many original Peace Campers to attend. Check for more inf0 NDE is planning
a Massive Gathering on April 12th, 2012 to happen with / and related to (?) events in 800ad & 1200ad events" this was a remark that Richard Ming La threw into a NDE conversation.

Will it happen? Be there to make it happen.

Can some one local (las Vegas) check with the Temple of to see if we can get the big tent, if NDE does not already have plans for it, on the above mentioned dates?

We need your help to make this happen!

Newsflash Art Casey original person that started may show up

Be there if at all possible.

Would someone contact and see if they could make it?