Friday, August 29, 2014

Claire this post is for you. I worked with Corbin Harney, for 18 years. I also worked with Mateo & Juile Moon Sparrow, before they broke up. Best friend with Steve'No Nukes' Willard, before he died ( Brain Tumor).
I ran The Shundahai Network Web Domain until it got highjacked
:-(. Friend of Sarah'Seeds' Willner, before she moved back to Baltimore, to be cared for her Sister.
I am/was Reinard Knutsen Friend he also
Lives in Salt Lake City, same as me.
I am/was member of Seeds of Peace, before I got Hep C &,was in treatment for a year, spent a year in bed, due
To Horrific Side Effects,
was given 12% chance of Slaining the Dragon.
But I slay the Dragon 4 years ago on my 63 birthday ( August 27 th, 1947). Then I spent a month in a Rehab hospital, learning how to Walk, that we 4 years ago.
I turned 67 two days ago.
Susi Sunder, before she moved to Europe & recently,
Married Fabio.
Read the blog which I have no be update to to Sickness. I am a True Anti-Nucler Activist,
Lived at Peace Camp, until my Partner, got pregnant on The Nevada Test Site. My third son was conceived, at the place that we did the Occupation of the Test Site, Corbin's first illegal venture on to NTS, in 40 years. I carried the Teepee with
Teryani, that time.
MY PHONE JUST SCREWED UP & lost 800 contact numbers, including your number, which I got from Mateo.
Before he married Michella & had 4 kids.
They live in Espanola NM. Last they moved into to & they folk's they rented to burnt down the house.
Mary Alex ( Alex Purbeck) wrote Corbin's Second book,
Prior to moving back to Scotland, got married & has 2 or 3 children.
Alex Seeds went into Rehab & now is working as a Chef in Santa Fe, he broke his neck 10 days ago. But is not Paralyzed, unlike Jim.
Ask me anything you want I am Real, just stayed in the Background. Was Shundahai Staff for many, many years.