Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Solution To Prevent The New World Order

Many people these days are blindly following traditions, leading their lives to boredom, and unrealization of Truth. There is an agenda many call, "New World Order." Many people are not aware of this threat, but many are becoming aware of it everyday. I believe, very soon, that the mass majority of people will stand up to this threat, and attempt to overthrow it. This is known as a Revolution. Though in order to defeat the New World Order, you must not attempt such a violent revolt. What we perceive with our five senses, is NOT reality. Life is but a dream, thus death being our awakening. Most do not accept this, but I advise you to research EVERYTHING. The ONLY conspiracy is the one preventing us to REMEMBER our TRUE nature and instincts of life. We are more powerful than you think. Though living in this dream with a mind set of Revolution with the help of violent protest, will NOT even NUDGE the New World Order. It is useless. Revolution is an illusion, perceived by us to conditionally think as the solution. The ONLY solution, is EVOLUTION. RISE up and reclaim your destiny. It's not time to wake up yet. It's only time to realize, that THIS is the dream. And dreams come true. Time to grow up. Time to evolve. Evolution Is Now. RISE.

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