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What do you think of this as the book cover?

The Shundahai Network: A Decade of Resistance
What do you think of this as the book cover?

I am lucky to have a heavy summer cold. So this is just a filler page until I get rolling again.

This is a Page will be about my attempt to write the history of Corbin Harney and The Shundahai Network (SN). This will document the history of the SN which was created by Corbin Harney (Western Shoshone Elder and Spiritual Leader and Founder of The Shundahai Network) in 1994. This book will not be possible without the input of you the Reader, who interacted with either Corbin Harney or any SN gatherings or actions.

The time line of the book will primarily focus on 1994-2004, although background information leading up to the formation of SN will be included and also the current state of affairs as they are now in 2007, will be included.

As you may or may not know this past summer, Corbin was diagnosed by western doctors with prostate cancer which has reportedly spread to his bones. After spending the early summer at Nanish Shontie, Corbin is back at Poo Ha Bah where he is receiving constant care and is close to the healing hot springs. Corbin needs our help. Recently, Poo Ha Bah lost foundation funding and is experiencing a serious fiscal crisis. Specifically, Corbin requires funds for food, transportation, medication, health care, repairs and maintenance of the center. PLEASE send checks of any amount directly to "Corbin Harney" at his address: Corbin Harney, Post Office Box 187, Tecopa, California 92389

We are sending monthly packets to Corbin. Please consider leaving a message for him. We will will print it out and include it in the package So much of my written history is lost except in my memory. I turn 60 in August and don't remember all that happened during that time.

But you are the collective memories of SN, so please help us honor Corbin the inspiration for all of us fighting to save the Mother Earth, as we only have "One Air,One Water and One Mother Earth", he repeated.

I created the first Shundahai Network web domain at and then had the honor of creating the Shundahai Network logo as the original one was lost,I created by hand pixel by pixel over five weeks (the Russian text was the most difficult). I have served as web master on and off for the duration of SN and once again am at the helm as a volunteer web master.Both the Shundahai Network Logo and photo of Corbin Harney are copyrighted by myself Greg Gable since 1998 for the logo and the year 1999 for the photo of Corbin smiling. During various forms of SN most of the, thousands of hours of work, I put in on the whole Nuclear chain and how SN related to it, was deleted and the site streamlined. With out a back up of the deleted materials,which occurred when I was not present. Including Corbin weekly audio or written messages to the people to keep up out struggles. Photos and individual detailed stories of actions and audio recordings were lost with no back up.. My loss unfortunately. You can help by sending stories or memories or photos of SN actions or Gatherings.

But that was then and now we are in the present, a new century, different political pressures, especially 9/11, which stripped all of us in America of our personal freedoms, which had been won over many years of struggle,especially our right to freedom of speech and of political protest. Born was the small high fenced areas in which we could protest out of sight of any of the people that we were protesting against. Can anyone image what would have happened to Mato (SN activist), when he jumped the White House Fence and locked down to protest Nuclear Testing? There still is a copy of the video of that action and hopefully we can include in into the book.

I intend to have a DVD and CD of actions. We have 2-3 cartoon artists (who may work pro bono) in recreating lost or unavoidable disappeared copies of some of the actions, such as when we delayed the first of a new set of subcritical test by having three women locked down to the press bus, with bicycle locks around their necks (LOL) NO REPORTERS,NO TEST Can't write anything. while another team of activists were at "Ground Zero", having bicycled through the night to arrive at "ground zero" hiding from the security, risking their lives to stop the test.

Subcritical test:"Rebound" was held up for quite a while as we were locked down,in the hot desert sun for hours expressing our personal freedom of speech while protesting the nuclear test. The Press was wild and spread world wide.

It makes me smile and laugh as I remember one guard say"It as as the knew we were coming", We had done the same action of blocking a bus the day before, and heard the guards report over the radio to the Bus to slow down so that the bus did not hit any protesters.

But that day they just wrote us tickets and released us. At 8am on the day of the test, we meet the reporters from the major newspapers and some reporters from Japan, dressed to the nines in suit and ties with handout packets from four major anti-nuclear groups. I was quoted in the New York Times, others quoted in CNN Europe, as soon as the reporters left DOE headquarters,we ran to our van and changed into out anti-nuclear garb, costumes, face paint, with signs and banners and zoom off to block the bus. Cost of the Action was less than $20, but got headlines world wide.

But I know that you also have memories and stories to contribute to this book.

So I am turning to you the readers who were present at various SN events or had personal contact with Corbin to send: stories, audio, video or photos to me. I need an return address to return all materials except for memories or stories (I feel that these can be xerox by you to avoid the return postage. I also need who,when and where for all materials sent, please. I am sending a surprise gift to all who contribute to this project, so if I have your snail mail address (which will not be used for any purpose than creating the book and credit will be given to all who help us.

This is to be a self published book A lot of work. (anyone with contacts in the book business?) I will be paying all costs out of my pocket. I am a 100% disabled veteran from the Vietnam. I just started getting benefits about six months ago and was denied 34 years back pay so I receive a modest pension.

Corbin is to receive 100% of the profits (I am not going to pay back my costs), so this is a labor of love with profits going to his health care and personal needs.

As Corbin is in a delicate state I am unsure if I can finish the book in time. My pay back is to be giving Corbin a copy of the book showing all the love people have had for him over these many years. I met Corbin in 1986 at the on-going Peace camp across from the Nevada Test Site (NTS). We will discuss what to do if Corbin was to pass prior to my finishing the book. So I beg your feedback on this and all aspects of the book. You have the collective memories of this time period and I am the one trying to put it together so that it make sense to you the reader help with this book as much as possible, with your suggestions.

Send email to until I set up the page. With any idea or suggestions, and having a blog so I can talk to you daily and you can send me comments. Soon as this cold goes away and I am back to normal(whats normal) till then.....

What I would like you the reader is to send materials to:

* Gregor Gable
* 1016 Denver St.
* Suite # 1
* Salt Lake City, Utah
* 84111-4773
* Please be sure to include your snail mail address, please print clearly

More to follow as I tell you what is happening May you have peace in your heart during these times of war and worldwide hungry, gregor

PS I will be filling my profile and lots of additional information as time passes, my health is fairly good but I do have medical issues where I am at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital quite often dealing with personal medical issues.

While I was in India in January 2007 with my son, Marley Sage for his 17th birthday, I had a astrologers reading done that the person slipped ( as they never answer how long will I live questions?)and he said in the next 19 years that whatever xxxx would happen, so I feel that I have the time to write this book, with your much needed help.

Thanks for allowing me to introducing myself and giving a brief introduction of my future plans of "The Shundaha Network: A Decade of Resistance"

With peace in my heart, gregor
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