Monday, May 5, 2008

Where to get IR / Infrared LED Flashlights & Illuminators

This is something you may want if in a demo that is filmed, for facial features. Protect Non-Violent Protesters. We have the right to bear witness, on the US Government's wrong doing, with out be filmed and documented as a protester and possible be put on a no-fly list. Americans have a right to bear non-violent witness! NOTE: THIS IS AS POLOTICAL AS I EVER WILL GET, PERIOD. Click photo to get to page to acquire them.

Or use: Google search: where can I get infrared LED

Click above link also. Keep America, Free.

IR / Infrared LED Flashlights & Illuminators
[Specialty IR LED Lights]
IR / Infrared LED Flashlights & IR Illuminators
IR / Infrared Flashlights & IR Illuminators
(IR Freedom Micro pictured)


* Photon Micro-Light I (Infrared - $17.95)
o easy-to-use squeeze button - squeeze to turn on, release to turn off.
o Water-resistant body.
o Quick, easy battery replacement.
* Photon Micro-Light II (Infrared - $20.95)
o Dual function - on/off switch plus momentary squeeze button.
o Replaceable batteries.
* Photon Freedom Micro (Infrared $22.95 / Covert Version - $24.95)
o Intuitive single-button operation provides electronic on/off, full-range adjustable brightness & strobe functions.
o Water-resistant body
o Quick, easy battery replacement
o Covert version features an extended housing to shield which reduces glare and effectively eliminates all peripheral light.
o Includes Photon hands-free clip & necklace (a $4.95 value)

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Brent Willson said...

Infrared led flashlight helps you capturing better quality images whenever taken whether taken in dark.