Monday, August 11, 2008

India nuclear energy market attracts Japan

India nuclear energy market attracts Japan

NEW DELHI, Aug. 11 (UPI) -- India's nuclear energy market has drawn Japan's attention, even as it firms up its stand on the Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear deal.

As the nuclear deal goes before the Nuclear Suppliers Group this month for securing a waiver, Japan, an NSG member, is keen to ensure getting a share of India's nuclear energy market.

"The Japanese industries do have cutting-edge advanced nuclear power generation technology. Certainly we think our companies are as competitive as any other companies abroad to do business in India," Kazuo Kodama, Japanese Foreign Ministry press secretary, told the Press Trust of India in New Delhi during a visit.

The Indo-U.S. nuclear deal has been cleared by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and now goes before the 45-member NSG. Later it will be sent to U.S. Congress for ratification.

The PTI report said Japan's expression of interest in the Indian market is significant even though it hasn't officially announced what position it will take at the NSG.

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