Monday, August 11, 2008

Nuclear Study Bill Before Governor, Four More Waiting To Be Transmitted

Nuclear Study Bill Before Governor, Four More Waiting To Be Transmitted

Monday, August 11, 2008 02:58 PM

Guam - Only one bill passed by the Legislature early Saturday morning has made its way to Acting Governor Mike Cruz’s desk and the officials in the Legislature say they don’t expect the four other measures to be transmitted until just before the end of the workday.

Currently, Adelup’s legal team is reviewing Bill 349, which appropriates $250,000 to the Guam Environmental Protection Agency for an independent study of the water and sediment in Apra Harbor. Lawmakers and the Executive Branch called for another look at the Harbor after the Navy admitted the nuclear submarine the USS Houston leaked radioactive water over the span of two years. The measure also gives money to the rhinoceros beetle eradication efforts.

But the lawmaking body passed other bills at a late-night session last week. An omnibus education bill would order textbooks for the Guam Public School System, pay outstanding obligations for the school lunch program, and gives the Superintendent and the Guam Education Policy Board the authority to lift schools’ population caps. Adelup is also waiting on the final versions of a measure from Senator Frank Ishizaki implements a graduated pay raise for law enforcement officials, legislation from Senator Frank Blas tightens arrivals from countries under an advisory from the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization, and a bill from Senator B.J. Cruz that limits the term someone can serve as the Acting head of an agency or a board or commission member.

Written by Phillip Leon Guerrero, Pacific News Center - Guam, Saipan, CNMI, Asia-Pacific

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