Let's get serious about the risks of nuclear power. Utahns are quite familiar with the problems of nuclear waste. But now we are confronted with a proposal to build a nuclear power plant in our state. Not so fast. A Government Accountability Office report this month found that after three decades, nuclear power plants have yet to comply with fire-safety rules. Fires at nuclear power plants are potentially disastrous. This lax regulation is frightening.
Look at the nuclear industry's track record. The same flaws that crippled the nuclear industry before are still present - nuclear waste, high cost and safety concerns. Based on the evidence, I have to conclude that nuclear power is too risky. Carbon Free, Nuclear Free, by Dr. Arjun Makhijani, shows us another, safer, cleaner alternative. Let's invest in renewables and energy efficiency, not nuclear power.

Jill Sheinberg
Park City