Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stolen Copper Radioactive

Stolen Copper Radioactive
posted 11:23 pm Tue July 22, 2008 - Bedford Co., VA
reporter: Manuel Quinones posted by: Webteam
ABC 13 - Stolen Copper Radioactive

Some thieves are in danger. They stole from a local TV transmitter site, but probably didn't realize what they took is radioactive. They may also not have realized they were caught on tape. The suspects broke into the secured area on Thaxton Mountain where the FOX 21 broadcast tower is. They took a very expensive broadcasting tube and it contains hazardous materials and even some radiation. It looks like the thieves rammed their truck through a gate, then stole the tube from right outside the transmission building on top of the mountain. They were caught on surveillance video. You can see the pickup truck making a getaway. Workers here assume they stole the tube for its copper. They also tried to break in to the actual building, but were not successful. Little do they know that much of the tube's copper was taken out. What was left behind is potentially dangerous. Robert Lynch, Fox 21/27 - "It's not something that you want to handle. And we hope that whoever did this can see this video and know they are dealing with a hazardous substance that could be dangerous to them." We are very close to our very own ABC-13 transmitter and tower. It seems the thieves went though an old car there but didn't take anything, but because they stole from a broadcast facility, they are facing a federal charge.

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